The Aussie veranda has been a staple feature of our homes for generations. They are perfectly suited to the Australian climate, and a great addition to your home.

A veranda can provide a seamless transition from your house to your garden, creating the ideal outdoor space for you to enjoy in every season.

Installing a veranda can be a big investment, so it’s important to get informed and make the right decision.

Thinking of adding a veranda to your home? Here’s some aspects to consider:

What Will You Use Your Verandah For?

Do you want your veranda to be a carport or a stylish al fresco dining area? Deciding how you want to use your veranda space will influence the design, materials, and finishes you use.

For example, you may want a smaller, more stylish space for an entertaining area, or a larger, more simple space for a workshop or carport.

Which Veranda Design Do You Want?

Take the time to experiment with different design ideas before committing to one design. It’s worth finding a building company who can help you with the design and planning process and assess your home’s needs.

Take a look at blueprints or do a 3D virtual tour of your planned verandah to experiment with various design options.

What Special Features Do You Want?

Think of your veranda as an extension of your home. Make sure it reflects the style and character of your home.

You can also add special features to your verandah like decorative screens, sculpted pillars, or carved arches to make it stand out from other houses on the street.

How Well Will It Last?

Your veranda is a big investment, so you want to make sure that it will last. Check with your building company for warranties and guarantees. Ensure that materials are of the best quality, and that they’re resistant to pests and protected against rot.

Adding a veranda to your home can be a great way to increase your space and maximise your property’s value. If you’re thinking about adding a veranda to your home, talk to the experts at JM Homes today.

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