Queenslander homes bring irresistible charm and character, and can be a perfect renovation playground.

If you’ve got a Queenslander that you’re looking to restore to its former glory, there’s a few things you need to know first.

Famed for their wraparound verandahs and gabled roofs, Queenslander homes are a signature statement of tropical living. They sound like the renovator’s dream with their rustic charm, but can bring many challenges.

Here’s what you need to know to make your Queenslander renovation a success:

Heritage Restrictions

Before starting your renovation, it’s important to understand the council regulations for your area. Due to their age, Queenslander homes can sometimes be heritage listed, which limits what you can do to them.

It’s best to speak with a town planner or architect to assess your property and any relevant heritage restrictions in your suburb.


Due to their wooden construction, Queenslander homes can be irresistible to pests like termites and white ants. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your property for any damage and get a pest inspection. Doing this before you start renovating your home can save you issues later.


If your Queenslander was built between the 1940s-80s, it may contain asbestos. Remember, asbestos is not dangerous until it’s disturbed. It’s best to get the asbestos removed by specialists before starting your renovation.

Structural Issues

Another potential issue to be aware of in your Queenslander is structural damage. Look for rotten foundations, leaky or deteriorated roofing structures, and plumbing issues. It can also be a good idea to look at the history of your area to see if your home has been through a disaster like a flood. If so, look for water damage.

Also get a professional to look at the wiring and then, if necessary, get it replaced to meet modern building standards.


Although Queenslanders are known for being well ventilated, they aren’t usually insulated against extreme hot or cold temperatures. Think about adding insulation in your roof, walls and floor to reduce the need for air-conditioning.

Renovating a Queenslander can be a daunting task. It needs to have both a modern design and retain its heritage features. If you need advice or are looking for a team to help restore your home, talk to us at JM Homes.

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