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JOSH O’SULLIVAN from JM Homes talks about how he started his career as a carpenter, why he became a builder and why he loves helping people create the home of their dreams.

1. How did you start in your trade?

One of my first jobs was in pool building, but I didn’t enjoy that. I knew that I loved construction and being hands on to create something. The timing was perfect because one of my best mates was an apprentice carpenter and his boss was looking for new apprentices. I was offered an apprenticeship two days later.

2. What made you start your own business? 

This was another good timing moment. I had just finished my apprenticeship and was working as a carpenter. The same mate who got me started in carpentry had lined up some subcontracting work of his own, but the day that he was due to start, he got appendicitis. I jumped in to help him out and we decided to go into partnership together once he recovered. The rest, as they say, is history!

3. How long have you been in business? 

I started subcontracting as a sole trader in 2007 and then developed into a company (Pty Ltd) structure in June 2009. I gained my Certificate IV in construction in 2010 which then eventually qualified me for my Builders License which I obtained in April 2011.

4. What was your first job in your own business?

While sub-contracting with carpentry, I did some maintenance/repair jobs under my own Builders License. My first substantial job as a builder was a small extension of a front entry in Kallangur, that included knocking down some walls and creating a larger open living plan. This job taught me patience and persistence.

5. How many people are in your team? 

Our team consists of 4 full time, 1 part-time and 2 casuals. We also work with around 35 main trade sub-contractors who between them, always have approximately 200 different contacts and suppliers in different areas of construction.

6. What do you love about your business? 

I love the flexibility and independence of running a business, but one of the things that I most love is the satisfaction that comes from creating and completing someone’s dream home and to share in their joy when it’s completed.

7. What do you love to do when you’re not helping people create their dream home?

I have an amazing wife and we have four wonderful boys. Our favourite pastimes are the beach, camping, 4x4ing on Fraser Island and rugby league (at least the boys love this one!). I’m passionate about sport in general, but particularly the Brisbane Broncos and the Queensland Maroons. I coach rugby league at the club my boys play at and it’s extremely satisfying to see young kids develop skills and knowledge from my teaching.

8. Did you grow up in Brisbane and what is it that you love about it?

I was born and bred in Brisbane. Quite simply, it’s home! All of my friends and family are in the Brisbane area and its great appeal to me is that we’re centrally located and close to some amazing attractions and things to do. My love and appreciation of the area only grows when I get to see some of the amazing history of our city through the renovations we do, in particular the houses that are 100 years plus.

9. Why do you love helping your customers achieve the home of their dreams? 

Renovating a home can be a long, yet exciting journey. Through the process, we are bound to create close relationships with our clients. In the end, it feels like I’ve helped a friend with their dreams which is very personally satisfying.

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