If you’re thinking about renovating your home, choosing the right builder is crucial. Home renovations can be a big investment that bring added value to your home for years to come. 

Since you are investing in your home, it’s important to take the time to find a reputable building company to suit your budget, needs and interests. 

There are many building companies in Brisbane to choose from, but not all offer the same value of service, quality workmanship or reliability. 

So, how do you choose the right Brisbane builder? Simply follow these three steps:

1. Know What’s Important To You

Not every builder suits every client and vice versa, so it’s important to weed out the options that are unsuitable for you.

Any build is a massive commitment and cost so you need to work out what is most important to you. Figure out what you want from your builder and have some key questions to ask them – similar to a job interview.

Choose a few builders in your area and get some key advice from them to determine who to move forward with. 

You may be tempted to go with the cheapest option, but often this will cost you more down the line due to dodgy work. You should always be wary about the cheapest quote if it is more than 5% different to the next.

At JM Homes, we offer high communication and top supervision to deliver you the home of your dreams – without cutting corners. 

2. Ask About Licenses & Insurance

It’s risky to assume that every building contractor has the correct licences and insurance. Home renovations are a specialised job and should be done by qualified professionals. 

Be aware of quotes below $3300, as this level of work does not require a QBCC licence. Also avoid tradies who ask for payment in cash. 

To make things easier, just ask to see their licences and certifications before the project starts.

3. Look At Reviews & Previous Work

To get a really good idea of whether the building company delivers on what it promises, read reviews and talk to previous customers. 

Take a look at previous projects they have completed to get an idea of their standard of workmanship. 

Looking To Start Your Home Renovation? 

At JM Homes, we ensure we always take the time to listen, communicate and act with our clients interests at heart at every stage of the build. At the end of the day, we are delivering your dream house and we want you to love it.

If you have a renovation project in mind, we’re Brisbane’s building experts. Whether it’s a Queenslander, new build, house raise or extension, we can help you. 

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