The most wonderful time of year is almost here. If you’re getting ready to host Christmas dinner, you might want to consider a renovation to make your home more inviting to guests. 

There’s already so much to do, from shopping to putting up the tree to cooking the turkey, so you don’t want to be adding tedious tasks to your to-do list. Luckily, we’ve come up with a few simple ideas to spruce up your home without taking too much time, effort or money. 

Freshen Up The Kitchen

Impressing your guests with an updated kitchen is easier than you think. Try simple solutions like repainting walls or cupboards, replacing old tiles, and updating drawer or cabinet handles.

If your kitchen needs a bit more work, you can engage a qualified and experienced builder to help you design and renovate your kitchen to breathe some life back into it.  

Update The Flooring

Changing the style or colour of your flooring can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. 

If your carpet is old and raggedy, why not rip it up and have a hardwood floor instead? Wooden floors can also be restrained or painted to improve their appearance. 

Add A Splash of Paint

The easiest way to update and brighten any space is with a splash of paint. Whether you’re looking for a new colour scheme, or just to refresh, this is a great way to improve the feel of your home. 

Refresh Your Style

If you’re looking for a new style for the interior of your home, replacing small things like curtains, cushions, rugs, and artworks can be an easy way to achieve this. Think about what styles and colours you’d like and create a consistent feel throughout your home. 

Create An Outdoor Entertainment Space

In this sticky summer heat in Brisbane, it can sometimes be cooler to entertain your guests outside where there’s a breeze. 

For your Christmas party, you could create an outdoor space to entertain your guests in the shade. Maybe you want to have lunch by the pool. Simply clear any weeds, install some garden tiles or pavers, set up a barbecue table, and hang some fairy lights. You also may want a shade sail or a simple roof in case of rain. 

These simple renovations will help make your home appealing for guests and help you to have a great Christmas celebration. 

If you’re wanting to do more major renovations, then don’t do it yourself. Turn to the experts

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