Queenslander homes are loved for their rustic charm, wraparound verandas and tropical lifestyle. However, there is one thing that they don’t have: insulation. 

Insulation is what keeps your home warm in winter. If you’re familiar with Queenslander homes, you’ll know they can get a bit cold when Brisbane’s westerly winds blow through in winter. 

So, what can you do to get your Queenslander ready for winter?

There are some simple ways you can make your home warmer and more comfortable during the colder months. It will also make your home more energy efficient and help you save on power bills. Here’s how:

Insulate floors, walls and ceilings

In winter, uninsulated homes like Queenslanders lose 25-35% of their heat through their roof. To keep the heat in, the best option is to get insulation in your ceiling. Insulating your home is worth the investment, because it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Ensure warm air can circulate

Be aware of how air circulates through your house. If you have a heater, make sure its air can circulate. Don’t block it by placing objects too close. To make your heater more efficient, close doors to other rooms that you’re not currently using. 

Cover hard floors with rugs

If your Queenslander has hard floors, covering them with rugs or carpets can help to make it feel warmer. This also means you don’t get cold feet when you’re walking around. 

Seal draughts

Queenslander homes are known to get cold draughts blowing through them. This is because windows and doors aren’t sealed properly. Sealing any draughts and gaps in your house can help make your heating more efficient and keep you warmer. It’s easy to do, too. Just pick up some tape from your local hardware store. 

Use curtains, blinds and shutters

In your Queenslander house, up to 40% of heating can be lost through windows. The best option is to pull your curtains closed to keep the warmth in. Having curtains can also help you stay cool in summer, so it’s worth the investment. 

If your Queenslander is still too cold or you need some advice, talk to the renovation experts at JM Homes. 

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